Diehard Custom

Sports isn’t just about sports. It’s also about the swag. Diehard is an online shop that helps fans design custom apparel for their favorite teams. And after realizing the growth and maturity of their business wasn’t reflected in their brand, they were ready to kickoff a rebranding initiative. Their ask? To help them step above the competition, create a great experience for fans, and look good while doing it.

For the Love
of Sports

Sports are Big.
Sports Apparel Should be Big Too.

Diehard approached us because they’d seen our work and loved our design style. Our shared love of sports and Diehard’s trust in our design experience helped us quickly align on a rebrand strategy and design direction.

A Custom Brand
Deserves a Custom Rebrand

Diehard needed the rebrand done fast to support their 2019 launch, so we cracked our knuckles and got started. Each step of the design process got reworked and streamlined with intentionality and efficiency to best fit their timetable. From the get-go, we made a project plan and stuck with it to the end. (Anything for the love of sports, right?)

a grid of initial logo concepts
Presented Logos - One line of five logos presented to Diehard for selection.
a grid of initial logo concepts Presented Logos - Five logos presented to Diehard for selection.
Diehard Custom - Primary Mark
Diehard Custom - Primary Mark
Diehard Shield logo
Diehard Crest logo
Diehard Crossbar logo
Diehard Crossbar logo
Diehard Icon logo
Diehard Wordmark logo

A Rebrand Designed
For Growth

For the rebrand launch, we designed five sub-brand logos to support Diehard’s expanding product lines—with room to grow in the future. The sub-brand logos were designed to fit within the rebrand while still maintaining their own unique flair.

Diehard Badges
Diehard Badges

the Rebrand

The sports apparel market is currently lagging behind when it comes to good looks, so Diehard’s rebrand creates one big splash of the good kind of different. And Diehard wanted to keep it that way. So we culminated the rebranding initiative with a brand guide, which covered everything from colors and type to an entire verbal identity.

Coloring Up the Hype

Sports apparel should have the same energy as the sports it represents. Diehard’s always had some great colors, so we supported the evolution of the brand by dialing up the passion in the palette.

Color Guide
Color Guide

Getting real with type

Type brings all the design elements together, so we had to get it just right. The Realist type family had just the right curves and angles to make the brand pop.

Typography Examples
Typography Examples

Talking the walk

What’s just as important as showing off your brand? Talking about it. We helped Diehard match their talk to their walk, so they sound just as consistent as how they look.

Verbal Identity examples
Verbal Identity examples

the love

A rebrand isn’t about fighting customer expectations or creating change for the sake of change—it’s about intentionally distilling what’s best about a brand and then putting a spotlight on it. For Diehard’s rebrand, we used customer expectations as launchpads for the brand’s future growth, all while keeping our work affordable. Because a premium rebrand experience shouldn’t come at a premium cost. Especially when it comes to sports.